The Hill City Church (The Holy Billionaire Family) of Worldwide Word. Ministries is a bible based and Spirit filled Ministry birthed by the Lord Jesus through His anointed servant, Prophet John Anokye. At the Hill City Church, the Word of God is taught with authority and power Mysteries in the Word of God are unravelled, and profound revelations are brought forth as the Prophet of God teaches. The gifts of the Spirit are in operation, along with powerful demonstrations of the Holy Spirit, in every service as well. The manifest presence of the Lord is felt and the Holy Spirit moves mightily in the midst of God’s people unrestrained. 

The Hill City Church is of a truth a family, and there’s this unique atmosphere of love which causes both members and

visitors alike to feel at home and welcome in God’s awesome presence. We also have a magnificent and anointed choir who always usher us into deeper and higher realms in God as they lead us to praise and worship the Lord. People literally experience the glory and presence of the Lord as these gifted ministers worship the King of kings.

We believe in excellence at the Hill City Church and everything is done in an orderly fashion. At the Hill City Church, the Word of God comes alive as we experience the healings, deliverances, miracles, breakthroughs, and signs and wonders talked about and promised in the bible. 

It is truly a place where one’s faith is built up strong and you experience the love of God among the brethren. At the Hill City Church, we raise people to function like Christ Jesus.


Worldwide Word Ministries

Hill City Church
Office Address: No. 14 Boundary Road. 
East Legon, Accra, Ghana. 
Phone: +233 302 507 154
Phone: +233 540 996 670